Antahkarana Society International saves Tibetan culture through education of children
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  OM MANI PADME HUM                     OM MANI PADME HUM                     OM MANI PADME HUM
Limi Nepal near Mount Kailash Om antahkarana






Children enter village school in Zhang village, Limi Nepal

Children entering Zhang school August 2008.

Waltse Halji children of village school

Waltse (Halji) class picture August 2008

sponsor a tibetan child

First children to arrive at Limi Youth Hostel

November 2006

educate tibetan children

Eager learners at Limi Youth Hostel 2006








Antahkarana International, a 501(c) 3 charitable organization, currently funds the following projects for indigenous Tibetan children, women and youth in the Himalayan region of Nepal:

Currently our projects serve over one-hundred thirty six children and employ twelve young adults from the Himalayan region. New children enter our programs each year. With the far reaching effects of education and employment to relieve the suffering of extended families, we are serving hundreds of indigenous Tibetans spanning three generations.

  • Three New Village Schools. In August of 2008 we established three new village schools at Til, Waltse (Halji) and Zhang. Enrollment in LKG(lower kindergarten) and UKG (upper kindergarten) and classes for over-primary-age children exceed 90 students. These year-around-schools provide quality education in Tibetan, Nepali, English, math and cultural subjects including Tibetan Buddhism, which forms the basis of their village culture.
  • Children will be able to enter higher level education in Kathmandu after grade five. The schools have begun their first session with limited materials and furnishings. Teachers will receive ongoing training as we are able to provide it.
  • School Tuition Program. Antahkarana sponsors 23 children into Namgyal School, which is part of the Tibetan Government in exile Ministry of Education and other private Tibetan schools in Kathmandu. Children receive excellent education and support of their Tibetan culture.
  • We are finding that many young people after receiving education do stay close to village ties and we foresee children returning to their villages as teachers, doctors, agriculturalists, business people and serving in many other roles to assist in bringing their villages into the modern age.
  • Limi Youth Hostel, Boudha Kathmandu, Nepal. Elementary aged Tibetan children are cared for in a home-like setting during school vacations and special holidays. When the children are away at school the hostel serves as a community center for Tibetans from the Humla Region of Limi, Nepal and a meeting place for women, youth and elders
  • Women's Literacy Program. Women are learning to read and write their native Tibetan language and English at the Limi Youth Hostel. Literacy improves parenting skills, and allows for a deeper understanding and practice of their Buddhist beliefs.
  • Leadership Training and Opportunity. Limi youth are training to go to villages as teachers in our village schools. Antahkarana employs Limi youth in our projects giving them hands-on opportunities to engage their business and leadership skills to bring sustainable economic growth to the villages. The Limi youth are taking unprecedented initiative in procuring long withheld rights for their villages and assisting in the management of the village schools.
  • Young monks attend our village schools and Antahkarana supports Tibetan Buddhist monks who travel to Kathmandu and stay  at our guesthouse there.

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  tibetan women's literacy project

Limi women are learning to read and write English and Tibetan

youth of Kailashzone plan activities

Limi youth discuss the school project and plans for teacher training.


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