Wish List

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Listed below are items needed to help us achieve our mission. Please contact us if you are able to donate or purchase an item for Antahkarana Society International. (406-581-5963)

Endowment: Our biggest wish! Over time, interest from an endowment fund investment can fund new projects and pay for day-to-day operations of the organization and overseas management of the Himalayan Schools and Pure Water projects. A gift to the endowment fund is invested and the interest used to fund projects and operations. Our goal is to create a $10,000,000 endowment fund in the coming year. Such an endowment fund would fund many new schools and pay the ongoing expenses of teachers, materials, food, uniforms and all the attendant expenses of housing and educating children. There are thousands of children to be reached and we muct ensure that the work of Antahkarana Society continues in perpetuity. Our minimum commitment to each child is 10 to 12 years of education. There will be some who will go on to higher education and professional careers. If we are to save the culture we must bring the people into the modern era.


Donations to Operating Expenses: Donations earmarked for operating expenses are greatly appreciated.


Satellite phone: A satellite phone for use while traveling and trekking would provide a measure of security and safety on expeditions into remote areas.

Expedition Support: Each summer we will make the trek into remote villages to work with the villagers and manage projects. Equipment will be used year after year. The following items will help defray the costs f or supplies and gear required:

Office supplies: To defray the costs of day-to-day operations we gladly accept donations of:.