2011 Mount Kailash and Limi Trek

Sponsored by Antahkarana International

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August 15 - September 15

A Mount Kailash kora (circumabulation) and trek to Limi, Nepal will be a highlight in any adventurer's life. Few westerners have ever visited this remote Himalayan region. Perhaps the Shangri-la of western imaginations! The people are remarkable and hospitable, the terrain is awe inspiring. No trekking company can offer a comparable adverture in Limi as the Limi villagers themselves!

        Trekking in this region is moderate to difficult and at high altitude. It is important that participants be in good health and able to endure the inherent stress of such a trip. Antahkarana Society International assumes no risks in inviting you on this service/ travel trek.

        Food and services are very minimal. During the trek to Limi participants will sleep in tents and for the most part toilet outdoors. The food is simple but hearty. Horses are available. If you are interested in a helicopter visit to Limi contact us.



        The Nepal portion of the trek takes narrow, mountainous trails. Limited medical facilities are available in Simikot but are accessible only by foot once the trek begins. It is recommended that each participant prepare for this trip with conditioning exercise and a visit his/her medical doctor for a thorough health assessment and to procure recommended drugs/remedies for high altitude trekking and intestinal disorders. It is required that each participant show proof of medical evacuation insurance. We can direct you to providers.

      Pack animals will be provided to carry equipment, food, supplies and a small pack of each trekker’s personal belongings. Experienced riders can also arrange for a trail horse for this leg of the journey for an extra cost. Each trekker is responsible for carrying his/her daily necessities on the trail. More details will be provided to participants upon acceptance into the program. Each participant will be matched to a service project according to his/her skills.

      Your trek directly benefits the economy of the Limi region. Villagers provide services for the trek and stay from Limi to Simikot. Airfare to Lhasa and return to US is not included. Dates of travel are August 15 to September 15. Duration of the trip is approximately twenty-seven days.

      It is suggested that you plan a minimum of one extra week at the end of your trip. Barring delays that will take up these extra days, you will then have time to explore Kathmandu and the surrounding areas. Activities during this stay will be suggested and members of Antahkarana Society will be present to guide and accompany you. Each participant is on his/her own during this time. Kathmandu and the surrounding area have a rich cultural heritage and there will be no lack of things to do!


      The political situation in Nepal is tenuous but to date has been safe for foreign travelers. However, each participant must make this evaluation on his/her own behalf. Antahkarana Society International assumes no risks for your safety.

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