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               Volume Five          Summer 2009

          Nepal ranked 25th in Failed State Index

              The Fund for Peace, a Washington DC-based institution released its annual report ranking Nepal 25th in the Failed State Index for 2009. Nepal is at the highest level of Alert. TFP rates leadership as poor, military, police, judiciary as weak and civil service as moderate. The full report can be accessed at With 38% of Nepal’s population below the age of 15 and a population growth rate of 2.1% education becomes a looming hole in the fabric of Nepali culture. Antahkarana International has worked since 2004 to bring education opportunities to the remotest Himalayan regions where there have been no schools for two generations. The disturbing ranking by TFP underscores the urgent need to advance our work without interruption.


                                               HOW THE MONEY GOES....


              Eighteen of the 138 students Antahkarana currently serves are enrolled in Namgyal Middle School in Kathmandu and are cared for by Antahkarana in our Limi Children’s Hostel. The beautiful preparatory boarding school is run by the Dalai Lama’s Ministry of Education. Even with rising costs of food, fuel and supplies, they have maintained their tuition at last year’s rates somewhat of a miracle in the extraordinarily unstable economy of Nepal. But they needed full payment from us in advance. Paying our tuition in advance has stressed our monthly budget and shorted our reserves. Now,our village schools are in need of materials and we must pay our teachers' salaries during this traditional time when these brave young village men make the long journey to India or Kathmandu to purchase the food and supplies their families need and depend on them for before the long winter sets in. This need is urgent.

              If we are to succeed in our mission to return educated youth to the village and send some on for training to become doctors, nurses, business people and other professionals who will bring their expertise back to the village… we cannot slow down or disappoint our teachers for lack of funds.   Quite simply, WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY!          Please visit and use the DONATE button.



             Notes From Executive Director Deanna Campbell July 2009      Deanna 2.JPG

                        I received a moving letter from a young man in the  region   we serve. It’s a beautiful acknowledgment and I want to pass it on to you—who make it all possible. He  spoke from his heart when he said of the work we are accomplishing, “You light the light of our children and people."

                        It is impossible for me to add to that. What I can say is that our work has taken on even greater significance in the wake of current events. This past November after talks broke down between the Tibetan Government in Exile and the People's Repulic of China the Dalai Lama conceded that Tibetan culture in Tibet is beyond saving and the only hope of preserving indigenous Tibetan culture is in the Himalayan region.


              Antahkarana International has been active in preserving and advancing Tibetan culture through education in remote Himalayan villages of Nepal since 2004. Local people play an important part in planning the projects of Antahkarana and in recruiting local staff to fill  positions both in Kathmandu and in the  villages. We currently have 138 children enrolled, employ six classroom teachers in three village schools and a fully credentialed teacher to oversee curriculum and help teachers develop teaching skills. At the hostel we employ house parents/cooks a manager, and several tutors for English, Tibetan and Nepali for our adult opportunity classes.  These jobs are vital to the villages.                            


              Our model of Village Owned Schools (VOS) is designed for long term accomplishments and replication throughout the region. This model calls for each village to provide the classroom space. Antahkarana then commits to providing salaries, books and materials. We would like to supply uniforms and school lunches in the future. Poor nutrition and cold winters are a problem. Children learn better when they are warm and have a full belly. 




              Your contributions make that possible. The cost of supporting a child for one year is $600.  This pays tuition, hostel expenses, classroom materials, teacher salaries, medical care, and hostel maintenance expenses. As executive director, I work as an unpaid volunteer. Your donations go directly to support the work.


I’m Broke too…

How Can I Help? You ask.


            Large or small your regular donation can change lives. It is simple to set up a monthly subscription payment using a credit or debit card through PayPal on our website. It is secure and automatic and you will receive a receipt for your tax records each month. Even  $15 or $20 a month can change lives— $100 or $1000 can change a village.  Tell your friends. A viral campagin could begin that would ensure a future for many children.


              Perhaps you can host an event at your home or place of business and show the 30 minute documentary Hope in the Wind. Filmed by Adventure Video on site in Tibet, India and Nepal about the work of Antahkarana International. It has received rave reviews.      After viewing the film your group may pool funds to support a child. Or think of ways to raise money. Contact for a copy of the DVD.


Double Bracket: You Can Help Save Tibetan Culture  •	Host an event  •	Create an adventure on First  •	Make an automated monthly donation  •	Start a viral internet campaign on FaceBook  •	Volunteer your internet expertise to the cause                 Another exciting idea is to plan an adventure like James Baxter’s skiing and kayaking the entire length of Norway!  Maybe you could just walk to work this summer…or play 1000 holes of golf…or  ????  Visit First Giving by going to then click on Sponsor Me button You will see a link to I want to raise money too. It’s easy. You create a web page with just a few clicks and First Giving puts the donation page up. Try it. You will see how simple it is. You and your group could have a lot of fun. Let your imagination go wild.





              Facebook offers other ways to generate interest and garner supporters. I am working to understand and use social networking and the internet to greater advantage. You probably already know! Visit and check out My Causes.


              We  also have a YouTube site  SaveTibetanCulture with videos posted. Feel free to share them.   With enthusiam and the help of many people we can keep pace with the growth of our work.


              Although we have fallen behind our fund raising goals this year, I have faith without limits that the pleas of forgotten Tibetans will yet be heard and there will be a response from those with hearts to hear. Spread the word. Our annual budget is nearing $100,000. Light work for many hands!  


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Antahkarana in Action July 2008   

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